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Meet The Vera Family

Thank you for stopping by! We are grateful you're here and interested in learning more about us. We hope to create a space to get to know you, too. We would love to hear from you!


So nice to meet you!

How we met

Our romance is just your typical story of Boy meets Girl (well, Karl Malone meets Medusa) at a Halloween Party in 2014. Then Boy and Girl forget they met each other and meet over and over and over again at restaurants, parties, on hiking trails, in the neighborhood, third / fourth wheeling on dates with old roommates (the fondly nicknamed and now married Hot Dog Girl and Chicken), on bikes, with puppies, and more, until finally they settle on a date to Legoland.

We never went to Legoland, but instead fell in love and deeply got to know each other (maybe in that order) through good, bad, hilarious, awkward, unknown, and very real experiences.


We learned that as a family we are destined to:

  • Grow our family through adoption

  • Continue to learn and discover

  • Fight for a better, more equal world

  • Pet all the puppers!

  • Knock over and spill everything

  • Drink endless coffees

  • Travel the world

  • Learn to cook amazing meals

  • Spend each day more deeply content than the last

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Why we want to adopt

Joys of Parenthood

We are so excited to be parents! We look forward to creating a loving home, building trust, and experiencing the world through the eyes of our child. Adoption has always been something we've looked forward to and we have both adoptees and first parents in our families. As Erin has type 1 diabetes, pregnancy can be risky for both her and the baby. Thus, we are overjoyed to adopt!


Ricardo imagines cooking dinner with his little sous chef, teaching his son or daughter how to swim or...teaching himself a new activity because it's something they can share. Oh, and playing practical jokes on Mommy. Erin daydreams of taking her child to art museums and wondering what each work means, of pushing swings, and picking out Halloween costumes. She can't wait for parent-teacher conferences and the chance to learn every odd and magical piece of her child's personality. We will tell the baby in a new way, each day, how much their parents (you and we) love them.

More than anything, we look forward to both big and small moments: the sleepy kisses, spontaneous giggles, sports games, music recitals, school graduations, and discovery of hopes and dreams.

We have an amazing group of family and friends that cannot wait to welcome our child into their arms and hearts. This will be Erin’s mom’s first grandchild and she is anxiously awaiting a grandbaby to hold, rock, love, and eventually take to Disney World. Our families gather for holidays, birthdays, dinners, regular weekends, and backyard cookouts. We can’t wait to share our family traditions with our child and introduce him or her to the cousins.

And hopefully, as a family of 3, we can finally have our date to Legoland.


About Us


Ricardo was born in Venezuela and moved to Georgia in 1997. His 1st language is Spanish. He has a big family who live nearby. He attended the University of Georgia and Georgia State and works in public policy focused on transportation and wellness. In his free time, he is obsessed with history podcasts, loves hiking, biking, music, and video games and leads multiple non-profit groups.



Erin is from Detroit but moved to ATL in 2011. Her family lives in Michigan & California, but often visit. She studied at University of Michigan & Emory University and works from home in healthcare. She enjoys running, making candles or drawing, reading, and spending quality time with her friends.

Our Home & Community

We live in historic Atlanta, with our two perfect dogs: Migo and Beyoncé. We love going on hikes and walks to the trails and parks nearby, or just having friends over to hang out in the backyard. Ricardo’s family lives nearby and comes over often, while Erin’s family regularly stays for longer visits. We have many friends in Atlanta, and living near the airport lets us host friends when they visit. We are engaged in our community, and our friend group represents the wide variety of activities we participate in. We love having people over for dinner and attending social and cultural events around the city.


Above all, we believe in taking an active role in creating a beloved community and are drawn to those who agree.


Snapshots of Life

Our Adoption Letter

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Our Philosophy

Together, we focus on equity and justice for women, LGBTQ communities, disability status, and all races, countries of origin, and financial backgrounds. We believe that we each do better when we all do better. As a family, we work, volunteer, and are passionate about access to healthcare, public transit, education, and social services. We are involved in local and national initiatives to drive equality. We hope to raise kids who will inherit a more just world, yet are moved to drive social change. We celebrate close connections with friends, family, and neighbors. We believe in kindness.